2nd Annual Broken Tiller BBQ

Whenever the Sunshine Coast Sailing Association decided to have a BBQ in August, we seem to pick the only day it decides to rain!

Errol brought the steaks, Gregor, Kim, Thomas brought the salads, Dennis brought the grillĀ and Robert brought the ice to keep everything chill until we were ready.

We thought we were safe on Sunday, August 20th when the crew had the 2nd annual Broken Tiller BBQ, and we had two hours of straight sailing with great sunshine and decent wind. We even buzzed the Sechelt Paddling Festival at the other end of the bay to say hello.

Luckily we just finished our steaks as we saw the rain coming down the Sechelt inlet. No time for seconds as the rain hit hard.

Don’t worry Mother Nature try again next year! We’re a hardy bunch.

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