2019 Poise Cove Classic Recap

The 2019 Poise Cove Classic Regatta and BBQ took place on Sunday, July 28, 2019, under hot conditions and sunny skies. The wind was patchy and variable which gave everyone a challenge but Grzegorz Krolikowski who blew away the competition winning all five races.

The seven racers that entered this annual regatta then had a BBQ on the floats. To Celebrate Grzegorz win we made him cook the burgers. 😂⛵☀️

There was no race committee this year and as such no race photographer. But we have some images from the BBQ afterwards taken by Robert Dall.

If you want to join the fun drop us a line or comment below and will be in touch!

Club boat available and space on the float

This year we have both a club boat and space available for another laser on the float.

First we have space available on a docks for the 2019 sailing season this will be prorated so you’ll only be charged for the rest of the year. We are looking for a laser class sailor that wants to come out and race weekly over the summer months.

How does this club boat work?

We have four boats that were sold to us by the old and disbanded Snake Bay Club. These are sold to members on a first come first serve basis at $500 for the boat along with yearly moorage on our floats. You are responsible for the maintenance and the upkeep of the boat while its under your ownership. Should you decide not to continue sailing with us please let us know before well before the season starts and you can sell the boat back.

Contact Dennis Olson at 604-741-1096

The SCSA Wants you to try Sailing
We want you to try Sailing with us!



Fixing our floats after the fundraiser

Hi everyone sorry for the late posting but I wanted to give everyone an update to our very first fundraiser held on Feb 26th at the Lighthouse Pub in Sechelt.

We primary used the funds to fixed our three floats, make a few more bouys for the 2018 season.

In March we pushed two out of three floats to shore and added structural integrity by replaces a number of the large wooden beams to the outside of the floats.

We also took our newly aquired float from 2018 and removed the rubber mat was connecting the two smaller floats some how and bolted them together.

We then connected all three of our floats together in our new space at the marina which will allow for better launching and landing our out boats.

With a little help we recovered some old bouys from the old Snake Bay Sailing Club era and we found on the beach so we are reconditioning them for this future use.

While $300 in pressure treated lumber doesn’t look like a lot it certainly has improved the stability of our floats. We have also started a bouy fund to replaces those bouys that happen to go missing through out the summer.

We couldn’t be happier with the progress we made for our little club and we look forward to seeing you out on the water this year.

Burger and Beer Fundraiser

New Date Confirmed! Feb 26th!!!

Our first ever fundraiser is just under a month away. We keep with our home of Porpoise Bay with a Burger and Beer Fundraiser at the Lighthouse Pub on February 26th from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

$25 Dollars get your a Burger and Beer. You can get them at the door on the evening or see Robert Dall he will have tickets on him before the event.

Fundraising to fix our floats and improve our buoys.

Burger and Beer Fundraiser has a new date February 26th, 2019

2019 New Years Sail

Our 8th Annual New Years Day Sail took place at the Poise Cove Marina. Like the last couple previous years it was a new years day float with no wind.

But Dennis Olson and Robert Dall took the boat for a couple turns on the water in the marina.

Some spirits and cookies and stories of Christmas cheer was shared with everyone looking forward to the 2019 sailing season on the Sechelt inlet.

What a great 2018 sailing season

We had a great season of sailing this year, with our new float we have more opportunity than ever to get out on the water, and we certainly took advantage of the great weather this summer.

We’d like to thank all the water taxi’s and float plane operators Sunshine Coast Air and Harbour Air for sharing porpoise bay and being good neighbours out on the water.

Also thanks to the Lighthouse Pub for our donated some old deck chairs that we quite enjoyed this season.

Here are some late season photos to savour.


2018 Poise Cove Classic Recap

Eleven sailors from the Sunshine Coast Laser Sailing Association came out the 7th annual 2018 Poise Cove Regatta. We had great winds all day getting off ten races and after the marks were rounded and the wins were tallied up. Nick Farrer came 1st with Richard Starling 2nd and Grzegorz Krolikowski 3rd.

Thanks to Paul and Queen Ellen for a great job on the committee boat. Thanks to Dennis Olson and Brian Fournier for the journey Thanks to Greg Deacon and Karl for the safety boat. Thanks to Richard for lending us his tent shelter, It was a great day by the hospitality of Roy Wigard who lets a bunch of crazy laser sailors take over his yard each year.

Canada Day Sail

The Maple Leaf was flying from the mast of almost every boat.

Our Sunday Sail fell on Canada Day this year, so we decided to fly the maple leaf from out top masts and do a little parade around the inlet and a sail past the Lighthouse Pub and the Porpoise Bay Harbour.

Canada Day Sailors in their Hawaiian T-Shirts before hitting the water.

One of our member Kevin McEvoy always wears Hawaiian t-shirts out sailing, so we decided to all wear our own Hawaiian Shirts to add even more colour to our fleet. It was a windy and great day out with the Sun coming out from behind the clouds for the afternoon. Could we ask for anything more?

Funny you say that…

Grzegorz Krolikowski, Dennis Olson and Robert Dall joined Bruce Morris on Capella for the 29th Annual Malaspina Regatta, and we placed third! Which was an awesome showing for the crew on a boat “slightly” larger than our lasers!


2018 Sailing Season Begins!

We officially opened the 2018 sailing season on the shores of Porpoise Bay.

Kevin McEvoy, Kim Lafave, Gregor Krolikowski and Robert Dall out on the water. We got some new chairs donated to us from the Lighthouse Pub (Thanks Natan), and we got some new marker bouys created by Robert Dall and Ken Olson.

Kim Lafave heading out on to the course.

New orange marker bouys created by Ken Olson and Robert Dall this spring.

Some new chairs for the after sailing social gathering.

New Float Work Party

With the 2018 Laser Sailing Season coming up soon we had to get out to the marina and build a new rack for our third float. Luckily mother nature gave us some decent weather on a Sunday, April 15th to get our new rack built.

We know there was a few who couldn’t get away due to travel and work. But we like to thanks Robert Dall, Dennis Olson, Gregor Krolikowski, Kevin Mcevoy and Kim Lafave who came out and help build. Also thanks to Kevin who brought some refreshments for a little break in the action.