Club boat available and space on the float

This year we have both a club boat and space available for another laser on the float.

First we have space available on a docks for the 2019 sailing season this will be prorated so you’ll only be charged for the rest of the year. We are looking for a laser class sailor that wants to come out and race weekly over the summer months.

How does this club boat work?

We have four boats that were sold to us by the old and disbanded Snake Bay Club. These are sold to members on a first come first serve basis at $500 for the boat along with yearly moorage on our floats. You are responsible for the maintenance and the upkeep of the boat while its under your ownership. Should you decide not to continue sailing with us please let us know before well before the season starts and you can sell the boat back.

Contact Dennis Olson at 604-741-1096

The SCSA Wants you to try Sailing
We want you to try Sailing with us!



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