New Float Work Party

With the 2018 Laser Sailing Season coming up soon we had to get out to the marina and build a new rack for our third float. Luckily mother nature gave us some decent weather on a Sunday, April 15th to get our new rack built.

We know there was a few who couldn’t get away due to travel and work. But we like to thanks Robert Dall, Dennis Olson, Gregor Krolikowski, Kevin Mcevoy and Kim Lafave who came out and help build. Also thanks to Kevin who brought some refreshments for a little break in the action.

2018 New Years Sail

Our 7th Annual New Years Day Sail took place at the Poise Cove Marina.

It was a sunny but calm day out of the Porpoise Bay with Dennis Olson and Ken Olson along with Robert Dall all taking turns out on a laser to get the first sail of the year in!

Sea Cavalcade Regatta by Gibsons Sailing Club

We were invited on behalf of Bruce Kerr and the Gibsons Sailing Club to participate in the Sea Cavalcade Regatta in the Shoal Channel for the Last Sunday in July.

Seven of us packed up our boats and took them down to Gibsons Landing to race with the 13 youth in the channel. Even though Lasers are designed as a car topper and “easily” transportable it’s still took some doing to get the boats down to Gibsons Marina and rigged up for the event. But once we got out on the water with decent wind and sunny skies the extra effort was worth it.

The seven SCSA members were happy to take part and sail on a new course, with different wind flow, and new ocean currents. A total of 20 boats were on the water with 420’s, Optimists and Laser 4.7 and the standard laser all racing around the marks.

We hope to be back next year.


6th Annual Poise Cove Classic

We had good winds and 12 lasers out on the waters of Porpoise Bay for the 6th Annual Poise Cove Classic.

Congrats go to winner Greg Krolikowski, second place Dennis Olson and third Richard Starling.

Thanks to volunteers Eva Moreno for taking this year’s photos and Martin Brucker for running this years race committee.

2017 Sailing season begins!

With a late start due to a cold and wet spring we officially opened the 2017 sailing season on the shores of Porpoise Bay.

Kevin McEvoy and Dennis Olson out on the water and Ken Olson and Robert Dall prepping their boats for the season. It will be a great time to be out on the water and will always looking for more people and lasers out on the water.

It’s really easy to join our races you all you need to do is launch your laser anywhere on Porpoise Bay.

Kevin sailing along the waters of the Porpoise Bay on the Sechelt Inlet in his Laser Standard.
Kevin derigs his boat while Ken bring his boat in for a landing.

2017 New Years Sail

Our Annual New Years Day Sail at the Poise Cove Marina with Dennis and Robert taking to the water this year. We were lucky with the lack or rain, snow or freezing temperatures and just enough wind for us to enjoy a couple tacks around the bay.

Photos by Kevin Mcevoy who also mentioned that this is the 6th year of the annual new years day sail!

When: January 1st, 2017
Where: Poise Cove Marina

Dennis Olson in his traditional viking hat takes to the Sechelt Inlet on new years day.
Robert Gives a salute to 2017 on his New Years Sail!


Sailing Markers / Buoys

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) contacted the Sunshine Coast Sailing Association about an unnamed crap trap that was connected/tied/entangled to one of the sailing club’s racing markers. It was not our crap trap.

The markers of the Sunshine Coast Sailing Association are for facilitating our races only and are marked with (SCSA) Sunshine Coast Sailing Association, and any shellfish trap or buoy that is attached to our marker can be moved away from the club buoy without notice. If you have a question about our buoys contact Robert Dall at:

Please refer to DFO website for proper instruction on proper buoy setup.

2nd Annual Broken Tiller BBQ

Whenever the Sunshine Coast Sailing Association decided to have a BBQ in August, we seem to pick the only day it decides to rain!

Errol brought the steaks, Gregor, Kim, Thomas brought the salads, Dennis brought the grill and Robert brought the ice to keep everything chill until we were ready.

We thought we were safe on Sunday, August 20th when the crew had the 2nd annual Broken Tiller BBQ, and we had two hours of straight sailing with great sunshine and decent wind. We even buzzed the Sechelt Paddling Festival at the other end of the bay to say hello.

Luckily we just finished our steaks as we saw the rain coming down the Sechelt inlet. No time for seconds as the rain hit hard.

Don’t worry Mother Nature try again next year! We’re a hardy bunch.

5th Annual Poise Cove Classic

The 5th Annual Poise Cove Classic Regatta was held July 16th 2016. We had a total of 11 lasers out for the funnest Laser Regatta on the West Coast.

Thank you to Persephone Brewing Co for their support of the local sailing community.


Up the Inlet, Heavy Winds Sailing

Ken Olson, Dennis Olson, Kevin Mcevoy, Robert Dall and Thomas Andersson on the Victoria Day weekend went up the inlet to nine mile point where the Sechelt and Salmon inlets meet to experience some heavy wind sailing. We brought three lasers and used Dennis’s Bayliner as the chase / safety boat. A lot of fun was had by all with Robert, Kevin and Ken learning some new skills in heavy weather. Thomas with his speedpuck recorded a max boat speed of 12 knots. After having a late lunch in one of the Sheltered bays of the Sechelt Inlets Marine Provincial Park we decided Instead of trying to sail up wind back in those winds we decided to tow the boats back to the Porpoise Bay. With more than a few stories to tell the folks back home.

You might notice that most of photos are from light winds. We were a little busy in those winds to take picture. Next trip will try better!