2017 Sailing season begins!

With a late start due to a cold and wet spring we officially opened the 2017 sailing season on the shores of Porpoise Bay.

Kevin McEvoy and Dennis Olson out on the water and Ken Olson and Robert Dall prepping their boats for the season. It will be a great time to be out on the water and will always looking for more people and lasers out on the water.

It’s really easy to join our races you all you need to do is launch your laser anywhere on Porpoise Bay.

Kevin sailing along the waters of the Porpoise Bay on the Sechelt Inlet in his Laser Standard.
Kevin derigs his boat while Ken bring his boat in for a landing.

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  1. Hi, I live in Gibsons and fell in love with sailing last year when I took a one day lesson with the Gibsons Sailing School. I just bought a old yamaha sail boat which is much like a laser. I have it at my cottage on Gambier Island. I would love the opportunity to sail with some experienced sailors on Porpoise Bay. Could you please suggest how I might get involved with your group. Thanks Susan

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