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August BBQ and Sail

We decided to have a second BBQ on the shores of Porpoise Bay this summer. With most of the club doing staycations in this crazy year of 2020 what is better then sailing on the Sechelt Inlet and a BBQ on the dock?

The sun was shining the wind was fair but from constant and from the south as usual.

Dennis Brought the burgers, Grzegorz brough the salad, Kenny brought the BBQ, Robert brought the condiments,  Kim brought the buns and Brian Lyseng brought desert!. All and all it was a co-operative effort. Which is more then we can say for what happens on the course. LOL.

Why don’t we have any photos of us on the course? Well we don’t have any chase boats or race committees this year and were too busy racing ourselves!


2020 Canada Day BBQ

Under colder then normal conditions and overcast skies, the Sunshine Coast Sailing Club has a Canada Day BBQ on the Club’s floats. With our small numbers and outdoor space, it was easy to pull something together while keeping safe.

Several members had Canada Flags flying from the masts.

Many thanks to Thomas and Carol for organizing this event. Kenny brought down his hibachi, and Brian has the burgers and potato salad. Carol and Diana will open the wine to start the Canada Day celebration.

We had done this once before and though it was a great idea. Glad the rain held off for the day. We know others on the South Coast of BC weren’t so lucky.

2019 Poise Cove Classic Recap

The 2019 Poise Cove Classic Regatta and BBQ took place on Sunday, July 28, 2019, under hot conditions and sunny skies. The wind was patchy and variable which gave everyone a challenge but Grzegorz Krolikowski who blew away the competition winning all five races.

The seven racers that entered this annual regatta then had a BBQ on the floats. To Celebrate Grzegorz win we made him cook the burgers. 😂⛵☀️

There was no race committee this year and as such no race photographer. But we have some images from the BBQ afterwards taken by Robert Dall.

If you want to join the fun drop us a line or comment below and will be in touch!

2nd Annual Broken Tiller BBQ

Whenever the Sunshine Coast Sailing Association decided to have a BBQ in August, we seem to pick the only day it decides to rain!

Errol brought the steaks, Gregor, Kim, Thomas brought the salads, Dennis brought the grill and Robert brought the ice to keep everything chill until we were ready.

We thought we were safe on Sunday, August 20th when the crew had the 2nd annual Broken Tiller BBQ, and we had two hours of straight sailing with great sunshine and decent wind. We even buzzed the Sechelt Paddling Festival at the other end of the bay to say hello.

Luckily we just finished our steaks as we saw the rain coming down the Sechelt inlet. No time for seconds as the rain hit hard.

Don’t worry Mother Nature try again next year! We’re a hardy bunch.

Frist Inaugural Broken Tiller BBQ

burgers on grill
burgers on grill

It’s not the end of sailing season or Summer… yet. But we decided to have a BBQ on the dock while the weather is still nice and we can sit and enjoy the sunshine.


Here is are details:

Date: Sept 9th 
Sailing: 1pm – 3pm (roughly)
BBQ: 4pm – 6pm (roughly)
Cost: $5 For burger and refreshments.

Any revenue will go back into the sailing association fund.

This is not a regatta so club rules will apply.

Why do we call it the broken tiller BBQ?
Well Robert broke his tiller during a regatta one year and he though it was a cool name for a sailing BBQ.